Spiritual Awakening Help 2022

February 13, 2021Melanie Ulceus

There is so much information around having a Spiritual Awakening that it’s hard to explain the truth behind it. Everyone’s experiences are different. So we resonate with those who are experiencing it similarly. The goal of this post is to reassure you of the journey and help shed some guidance along the way.

  1. It is Ongoing

From the moment you realize you are going through the awakening, it is not a one stop shop. Your soul is waking up to remember who you are and you will face several lessons that will take you there. Understanding yourself and your senses along this journey will drive too many emotions. Do remember everything happens for a reason. Any frustrations you face along the way is a reminder that God and The Universe are always working for you.

  1. Welcome Your Intuition 

Because you’re now sensible to energy, you will find yourself feeling off centered. Think of yourself as a radio tower where all the frequencies are surrounding you. Your soul, the tower, is now working to process it all. This might leave you to question, “Is it me? Or is it something else?” Intuitively, you will now know who and what is worth your space. Your intuition will be the greatest tool in guiding you along the journey.

  1. You’ll Outgrow Relationships, but Make Life Changing Ones too

People in your life that you once felt for you may not resonate anymore. I know this sounds cliché, but, you’ll now feel that difference. More than likely, you’ll find yourself constantly outgrowing family, friends, places and things. You’ll feel like the black sheep, have spouts of isolation and maybe feel conflicted within yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for these changes. You will attract people who will feel like your soul family. You may also attract narcissistics and energy vampires. If you find yourself in those circumstances, know that there’s a lesson. More so within yourself than with those you’re actually with. Of course this is subjective, as everyone’s situation is different. But keep the faith because you will always find the light.

  1. Wellness Products are your New BFFS!

Books, Crystals, Aromatherapy, Binaural Beats, Meditation, etc.- are going to be your BFFS. Finding a routine that involves and combines these tools will be the key to staying grounded. Do what works and find what resonates with you. Don’t be afraid to go in tune with your emotions. If you feel like you’re struggling with this, I’ve actually curated a list of my 7 Spiritual Awakening Must Haves, Found in Walmart. These are all products I’ve personally used that still help me to this day.

  1. Your Views on Life and Spirituality WILL change.

This part may or may not apply to you, but, I know it will help a lot if you. I grew up in a HEAVILY baptist family. With a Haitian heritage to top that. Spirituality ≠ Religion. You might find yourself dabbling through several spiritual texts that may help you find your answers.  Allow your heart and mind to expand because this will allow you to gain a wider perspective of how every belief system ties together. 


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