Private Yoga Experience In Tulum

October 19, 2020Melanie Ulceus

When it comes to Private Yoga, I didn’t think I’d be the type.

I’ve practiced on youtube, but never made yoga lifestyle.

Out of the blue, I found this amazing teacher named Kenny Boribay who hosted donation based yoga sessions in Huaya Camp.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but a whole bunch of sweaty tears and pants splits..

When I arrived to the location. I was thrown off as Huaya Camp’s restaurant was face, front and center.

It pretty much looked like rocks with a boho bar vibe.

Definitely not something I was expecting…


I toured the back of the camp site and It had everything jungle-connection-to-universe-flow with a cement base to host sessions.

Kenny, the instructor, was ready to go.

I knew immediately from her stance that this was going to change my life.

So here’s what you can expect with a session from Kenny

1. Spiritual Alignment

Kenny is a high vibe chick.

I can tell she works on herself everyday and has a divine connection to source.

Even if you’re new to yoga, you’ll automatically feel connected to her because she’s just that great of a teacher, and your poses will flow.

Not to mention, you’re in the middle of the jungle doing yoga. 

That alone is enough to set the tone to a great practice to help you focus on your breathing.

In other US locations, I’ve felt the rush and bustle of the city I was in.

This session was special and from then  I told myself I’m only doing yoga outside, because there’s no better way to get a true connected practice.

2. Uhm..Bug Spray?

Yeah Tulum’s mosquitoes do not play.

You need to come fully equipped with bug spray or you best believe you will be scratching your way out of warrior 1.

Regardless, this shouldn’t bother you TOO much as you’ll build up enough adrenaline to go throughout your practice.

3. Tibetan Bowl


I’ve listened to Tibetan bowls on youtube and thought it was dope.


Let’s just say, you’re going to have an AMAZING day.

Kenny ended our practice with a Tibetan bowl session with affirmations.

Her words carried through me still to this day.

There’s great healing in sound therapy and that’s why I’ve made Kenny my go-to for yoga sessions because she get’s that it’s about healing more than it is a practice.

With that being said.

I will conclude that Kenny moved back to Playa del Carmen and is hosting Virtual Sessions online.

(TBH doesn’t even know I am writing this post about her (but that’s the beauty of love and referrals).

So if you got excited enough and want to check out our session or need an alternative,

Click here to watch a video of us during the practice.

Click here to get the best Tulum Girl’s Chat to see who you can network with there.

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