Art Basel 2021 Recap

January 1, 2022Melanie Ulceus

So, I kind of did an insane thing.

I took a trip to Miami for Art Basel and stayed there for 1 day.

I did not really think I could do it, but my good friend Allan insisted I go to his gallery showing in Wynwood, and honestly.. YOLO right?!

From cold New York to Sunny Miami I was about to embark on an adventure that came and went in a blink of an eye.

So, here are some points going to and from Miami without a plan in mind.

1. Booking Your Stay

Because I was super late to Art Basel and went on the last day, I took a leap of faith and decided to book a hotel when I landed. Little did I know that everyone and their moms would book out every hotel on Collins Avenue (my go-to) so I spent a good 30 minutes hotel hopping to see if anyone would have a room available.

Luckily, I was able to stay at the Hilton for a price matched rate and acted a fool the minute I woke up. (see video below)

Because these hotels get packed frequently, please don’t be like me. Plan your trips accurately and make sure you find deals so that you can get a room with ease.

Side Note: Since Art Basel was a major week event, you can also anticipate a 30-40 minute uber wait just to get to wherever you need to in South Beach.

Once I got myself together I put on my outfit for the day,  slapped on some heels and headed out.

Melanie U Art Basel 2021 Wearing Kara Dress
Melanie U Art Basel 2021 Wearing Kara Dress ($20)

2. The Event @theartbrunch via @velvetvelour.mia

I was running on slight BPT (IYKYK) and was about eh 20-30 minutes late. I made sure to grace a majority of the folks with a hello and was in awe about all the creatives who came together to showcase their work.

Since the studio was small and food was served, I was able to navigate the room quickly to meet so many people.

Allan himself was busy serving the crowd and making sure people were happy but overall the experience was a 9/10 only because I am a vegetarian and they did not have any vegetarian options.

3. The Artists

Aside from Allan being the main curator of the event I met two of my other favorite artists who showcased their work.

One Artist Keyanna @venusxenigma showcased ‘Aurora’ Oil on Canvas.
(I swear If I knew better art terminology I would describe the heck out this portrait but I’ll leave the opinion for you, the viewer to decide.)

The second LA based artist, known as T.Banksy @reallyfebanksy, created a captivating sunflower portrait that lit up the room. Even though I was unable to get a portrait of her, check out this video below of her skidaddling away.

Up and All I had THE BEST TIME and I could not be more grateful to meet amazing people who actually changed my life.

P.S shoutout the the Queen @melodyunmastered (woman in the middle) for taking all these photos and just having great energy all the time.

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